Saturday, June 23, 2007

A New Low for the Columbus Dispatch

“Hello, Columbus Dispatch? Yes, I’d like to speak to Mike Curtain. We have something for you.”

The Columbus Dispatch reached a new low this week when it reprinted an editorial on Friday by Ahmed Yousef, a political advisor to HAMAS terrorist-in-chief Ismail Haniyeh (the column was a reprint of a Washington Post editorial that appeared on Thursday). In his column for the Dispatch, Yousef does not accept responsibility for his group’s terrorist activities, but instead blames them on the US since we refused to acknowledge (or probably more accurately, fund), their group after the 2006 Palestinian elections. Ray Robinson has a good response to Yousef in today’s The American Thinker, “Engage with HAMAS?”.

Admittedly it was before my time, but I seriously doubt that the Dispatch was publishing editorials by Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels during WWII, so why exactly are they giving a full-page column length space to America’s enemies while our nation is engaged in a War on Terrorism? What’s next for the Dispatch, a weekly column by Osama bin Laden, or a partnership with Al-Jazeera?

If you have ever needed a reason to cancel your Dispatch subscription, this is it.