Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hate Blogger Tammy “Intifadagirl” Watts-Obeidallah Speaks

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. That’s what immediately strikes me about the most recent blog post of factually-challenged former Greenville Daily Advocate cub reporter Tammy Watts-Obeidallah, who has elsewhere gone by her online moniker “Intifadagirl”, in her identification of Tom Blumer and myself as “homegrown terrorists”. Well, she has plenty of first-hand knowledge of Islamic terrorism, so perhaps she’s the one to know.

First off, her claims that I have made videos killing Muslims and bombing soft targets in Iraq and Afghanistan are just plain nutty. Then again, this is the same keyboard jihadist who published a blog post back in July claiming that 9/11 conspiracies theories were concocted and spread by the CIA as a deception campaign to fool Leftists! As if you would need the CIA to do that! Oh, and she claims the Israelis were in on 9/11 too.

She then claims that I published on the web Mahmoud El-Yousseph’s address and phone number here. What she forgot to tell you is that I merely reprinted El-Yousseph’s own letters previously published on the web where he lists his address, email and phone number himself! Perhaps she thinks it was all part of my sinister plan to secretly have Mahmoud publish his own information six years ago, so I could reprint it later! Oh, how he fell right into my sinister trap!

As for where I got copies of his correspondence, I’ve already said that I use my super-secret Global Zionist conspiracy-issued computer spying software (the previous comment, of course, was pure sarcasm, as regular readers might recall that Mahmoud recently accused me of hacking into his Yahoo account - though no doubt Mahmoud and Intifadagirl will believe my use of the Global Zionist super-secret software to be true).

As for “Intifadagirl”, consider the following:

  • According to her best friend, terror apologist and fellow hate columnist Mahmoud El-Yousseph (who himself has publicly praised Hezbollah terrorists responsible for the killing of hundreds of US military personnel and also defended suicide bombing attacks against civilians as “reasonable”), in the weeks immediately following 9/11, Obeidallah rushed off to Jordan, then to Palestinian refugee camps to serve as a human shield for Palestinian terrorists.
  • Obeidallah was apparently one of the few attendees at a rally in October 28, 2000 rally in Washington DC at which now-convicted terrorist leader Abdurahman Alamoudi led the tiny crowd that Obeidallah was part of in chants and cheers in praise of the terrorist groups HAMAS and Hezbollah (video of the rally and Alamoudi’s terror cheerleading courtesy of The Investigative Project).
  • Obeidallah married a man in Jordan in 2002, even though she and her “husband” couldn’t communicate — a fact observed by the US Embassy counsul in Amman, Jordan when they originally denied his visa application. She admits that he was expelled from the embassy twice and she was threatened with removal from the US Embassy. They immediately had a son they named “Ali Jihad” apparently because having a child was the easiest way her “husband” could be allowed to enter the US. Yes, “Ali Jihad”. I keep telling folks I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to.
  • Since we’re on the topic, maybe Intifadagirl can explain why her brother-in-law Ahmad was arrested by Jordanian intelligence upon his return from Iraq in April 2003, where she admits he was engaged in “something”? Or maybe how just weeks after she gave birth, she was tear-gassed by Jordanian police while she was taking part in a violent anti-US demonstration? Please, do tell.

If Tammy Obeidallah is looking for any “homegrown terrorists”, she should take a look in the mirror.

Her bitterness at Tom Blumer is understandable, though entirely unfounded, because back in July he caught her in a blatant lie in one of her Daily Advocate news articles. When she persisted in her lie, leaving him hate-filled comments on his website, Blumer noted that every other newspaper covering the story contradicted her account. When she still persisted in her lie, Blumer contacted her editors at the Daily Advocate to urge a correction to her story because it was clearly wrong. A few days later when the Ohio Inspector General issued a report that confirmed she was wrong, thereby vindicating Blumer, her tenure at the Daily Advocate was already over.

The interchange between Obeidallah and Blumer over at his website is worth reviewing, if only for her ironic claim that Blumer “couldn’t make it in print media”, when in fact it’s clear now that she couldn’t make it either. Her comments are also a little high-handed for someone whose sole media credential is working for the Greenville Daily Advocate!!! About her only other media experience is having a letter to the editor published by the Columbus Dispatch and Dayton Daily News!

Way to go, Intifadagirl! Want to try again?