Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Local Islamic extremists attack Columbus Dispatch for Obsession DVD distribution

UPDATE: The Columbus Dispatch wusses out.

Included in the Sunday edition of the Columbus Dispatch this past weekend (you know, before the power went out) was an advertising insert containing a DVD copy of the documentary, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”. You can go to FrontPage Magazine to read my review of the movie.

Even before the newspapers began hitting the porches of Central Ohio homes, Islamic extremists upset with the DVD distribution began a campaign to attack the Columbus Dispatch for allowing the distribution campaign. Hany Saqr, chairman of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Hilliard, sent the following email to supporters demanding that they contact the Dispatch to express their disapproval (thanks to my friends who forwarded this message):

From: Hany Saqr
To: Noorfriends
Subject: please act now . . not later
Date: September 16, 2:48am

The Sunday Columbus Dispatch released in the advertisements a DVD titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West”

This DVD is a mere campaign of spreading hate against the Muslim community

Please contact Columbus Dispatch and ask about the reason behind this anti-Muslim campagin and who is sponsoring it

Head Retail Advertising — Nick Lazaroff —
Advertising —,,
VP of Marketing — Philip Pikelny -
News Editor — Ben Marrison —
Religion Editor —,

Let us know the columbus dispatch response by sending an email to:
There is even now a Facebook page, “Muslims against the Columbus Dispatch”, that features the exact same information contained in Saqr’s message. As an aside, the Facebook page is run by a kid out of Miami University, Azzam Mahmood.

Here’s the message from the Facebook page:

On Sunday September 14th, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch had released thousands of newspapers containing DVDs containing disparaging comments against Islam, containing huge amounts of slander. They were written as advertisements however, as seen in the Times, these were implemented by the newspaper. As Muslims we should end our subscription and look into new sources of news, unbias and truly newsworthy. The Dispatch has proved through its supposed “advertisement” that its conservative voice is no longer needed in our society.

Act now, and contact one of these people, the more emails the more impact, remember!

Head Retail Advertising — Nick Lazaroff — nlazaroff@dispatch. com
Advertising — adaugherty@dispatch .com, ckerr@dispatch. com, sthomas@dispatch. com
VP of Marketing — Philip Pikelny — ppikelny@dispatch. com
News Editor- Ben Marrison - bmarrison@dispatch. com
Religion Editor — klecker@dispatch. com, mheagney@dispatch. com

Stand up for your culture and people!
What exactly are they demanding? It really isn’t clear, but we’re sure that there will be some profuse groveling by the Dispatch management involved, followed by a glowing article by Felix Hoover on how there are no Islamic extremists in Central Ohio. Will the Dispatch fall quickly back into line and apologize for offending Hany Saqr and his band of Islamic extremists?

In the off-chance that the Dispatch won’t knuckle under, contact the Dispatch at the email addresses above and thank them for standing firm in defense of the First Amendment — something some of our local Islamic leaders aren’t very fond of.

Here’s the press release from the Clarion Fund for the Obsession DVD drop:

September 15, 2008





Shariah Law Would Erase Basic Freedoms and Codify Discrimination Against Women

Homes in over 100 major American cities are receiving DVD copies of the film Obsession — Radical Islam’s War Against the West starting today.

The Clarion Fund will deliver millions of copies of the DVD during the next month to homes across America.

This is the second phase of a nationwide initiative to inform the American people about the threat of Radical Islam to America, including its efforts to incorporate Islamic fundamentalist Shariah law which would negate a wide range of Constitutional laws and rights.

At the beginning of August tens of thousands of copies were distributed at both the Democratic and Republican conventions. Additional tens of thousands were nationally distributed in publications including National Review, Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Times and others.

The Obsession initiative is one of the largest distributions ever undertaken of a film to individual households because officials at the Clarion Fund believe the issues addressed in the film are critically important.

“Obsession demonstrates in graphic detail what can happen in a nation when it ignores the troubling symptoms of the influences of Radical Islam and its efforts to sneak Shariah principles into local and state laws,” said Watch Obsession.Org national chairman Tom Trento.

“Obsession offers details and documentation of story after story about secretive and often violent efforts to spread Islam throughout Europe and here in America. Every American should know the lessons taught by this important film.

“This film is not a blanket condemnation of all Muslims. Many moderate Muslims have been intimidated into silence by lawless and violent cells of extreme jihadists who are now operating in America and throughout the world.”

Consult the list below to identify a national spokesperson or someone from your area to interview. For more information about Obsession and Radical Islam go to To see a four minute trailer from Obsession — Radical Islam’s War Against the West go to