Sunday, October 14, 2007

October Terror Fest at the Ohio Statehouse — funded by taxpayers

A flier for the upcoming “Many Faces of Islam” conference held in the Ohio State Capitol atrium notes the sponsorship of the publicly-funded Ohio Humanities Council (click image to enlarge; thanks to the Investigative Project for providing us with a copy).

New details have emerged concerning the scheduled October-terror-fest in the Ohio Statehouse on October 28th. Not only is the event being partially funded by taxpayer funds through sponsorship by the Ohio Humanities Council (OHC has not yet revealed how much public money the event has received), but yet another speaker at the event, Zalfaqir Ali Shah, has multiple terrorism ties, including to Al-Qaeda.

Shah has also made some statements very peculiar for a supposedly “interfaith” advocate, such as this little gem as reported by Islamonline:

If we are unable to stop the Jews now, their next stop is Yathrib (The Prophet’s city of Medina), where the Jews used to live until their expulsion by Prophet Muhammad. That’s the pinnacle of their motives.
Read my full article at FrontPage Magazine, “Ohio’s Taxpayer-Financed Terror-Fest”, for all the details.