Friday, December 7, 2007

Terror-linked group’s Central Ohio connections

A tip to my latest investigative article published today by PJM: “NY Congressman Gregory Meeks’ cozy relationship with a terror-linked organization”. It concerns a DC-based group, the Peace and Justice Foundation, and its attempts to hold events on Capitol Hill. One such function back in August was ejected from the US Capitol by the US House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms the day before the conference because of the terror-linked speakers that were scheduled to appear. The group publicly defends a number of terrorist organizations, convicted terrorist leaders, at two convicted cop killers.

This story has ties to Central Ohio, in that the Peace and Justice Foundation published an open letter on Abukar Arman’s website endorsing the recent HAMAS-fest at the Ohio Statehouse (a letter I responded to here), and three of the speakers at the August event that got tossed from the US Capitol grounds were from the Columbus area: (would-be Columbus Public School Board candidate) Anisa Abd El-Fattah/Caroline Keeble, (former Franklin County Homeland Security Oversight Board member) Abukar Arman and (Mayor Coleman advisor) Ahmad Al-Akhras.

Here’s the intro:

Why is a powerful congressman trying to pave the way for terror-linked speakers to appear on Capitol Hill?

That’s the question that comes to mind following the abrupt cancellation of the Muslim Mobilization Conference by the US House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms. The event, originally scheduled for August 11, would have taken place in the Cannon House Building Caucus Room had it not been for the last minute discovery of the terror-linked speakers that the DC-based Peace and Justice Foundation had invited to participate.

However the organization is claiming that Congressman Gregory Meeks, who initially helped organize the event, is actively working with them to reschedule, notwithstanding the organization’s public defense of several global terrorist organizations and two notorious cop killers. And a review of the Peace and Justice Foundation’s corporate documents shows that the group has been operating illegally for nearly a decade without any accountability whatsoever for funds it has raised for a wide variety of extremist causes.
Read it all at PJM.