Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Buckeye Burqas

Yes, this Columbus-area woman can’t see a thing while she’s driving, but your a bigoted Islamophobe for even being concerned that she might accidently ram into your car and wipe out your entire family. But in that event, don’t worry: she has diplomatic immunity!

The photo above accompanied a story published by Arab News last June, “She is Neither a ‘Ninja’ Nor ‘Ghost’, She is Just Wearing Black”, by-lined from Ohio. Arab News has the largest circulation of any English daily in the Middle East, and is owned by the Saudi royal family, which means that it is probably more than just coincidence that they are interviewing Samar (above), because her husband is a Saudi government employee here in Columbus. What is a Saudi government employee and his burqaed wife doing living in Columbus, Ohio? Again, you’re a bigoted Islamophobe for even thinking that question.

And the Arab News article tells you right up front how bigoted you really are:

Since 9/11, Muslim women who live in the West and dress in traditional Islamic clothing have seemingly become easy targets of abuse by bigoted ill-informed people.
The appearance of burqas in the Buckeye State is just one indication of why counterterrorism officials have identified Central Ohio as one of the top five “hot spots” for radical Islamic activity in the country.

But the Arab News is not the only media outlet applauding the new Buckeye burqa fashion trend. A cover story earlier this month in the “progressive” weekly Cincinnati City Beat, “Veiled for Allah“, hails the Islamization and radicalization trend of veils and burqas as female empowerment. More than that, though, is that wearing the hejab or burqa is a protest against American foreign policy:

Moving beyond the personal decision to wear a specific kind of clothing, Bedawi says American culture has a dramatic impact on the lack of equality afforded to Islamic woman in this country.

“Most Muslims the world over hold America as the hope, as a place where we can practice our religion wholly, because of the constitution and the Bill of Rights,” she says. “We’d like the greater community to understand us and what we’re all about, not to convert anyone but to help them respect our beliefs so we can practice.

“We’d like the freedom to practice without discrimination. American foreign policies are the main obstacle to that dream. The propaganda coming out from the current administration isn’t giving a clear picture to the greater American community as to what Muslims in the U.S. and all over the world are really all about.”
I have always wondered about the thinking that lies behind the belief that women should be concealed. In Islamic theology, of course, it is rooted in the belief in the hyper-sexualized nature of women, which much be supressed lest men fall victim to their tempting wares. There is no commandment in the Quran for burqas, but that’s where their theology takes them.

But if Allah wanted women to wear burqas, why are they born naked? Did Eve have to wear a burqa? I guess I’m a bigoted Islamophobe for even asking those questions.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Smile and Handshake for the Iranian Dictator

The picture above, taken from the 2006 Annual Report for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released just last week, features Columbus’ own Ahmad Al-Akhras (left), national vice chair of CAIR, giving the grip and grin to former Iranian dictator, Mohammad Khatami (right). Khatami, who authorized the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators and students at the University of Tehran in 1999, was hosted by CAIR in September 2006 at a private dinner attended by 100 CAIR supporters.

For more on Ahmad al-Akhras’ dictator friend, Khatami, watch this report (~11 min) by journalist Richard Miniter at Khatami’s speech at the Washington National Cathedral. Miniter’s report includes interviews with some of Khatami’s victims, including one dissident journalist who had his wrists broke to prevent him from writing.

Murderer in the Cathedral

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Hilliard-HAMAS-Muslim Brotherhood Connection

Have you seen this man? If you live in Northwest Columbus, you very well may have. His name is Dr. Salah Sultan, a Hilliard resident (Britton Farms) and this picture was taken last July in Istanbul as he was delivering a speech to hundreds of thousands of supporters of the radical Islamic Saadet Party of Turkey in support of the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by the Palestinian terrorist organization HAMAS. Also making an appearance by video was the terrorist-in-chief of HAMAS, Ismail Haniyeh.

An article in today's FrontPage Magazine, “Hometown Jihad: The Hamas Connection”, discusses the story that has developed over the past year regarding Sultan’s multiple connections with extremist organizations, individuals identified as terrorists by the US government, and his own extremist statements.

Sultan's activities have been detailed in a series of articles at FrontPage:

Until just a few months ago, Sultan was delivering evening lectures at Sunrise Academy, the only full-time Islamic school in Central Ohio. Last May, Sultan was taped delivering a tirade on the Saudi TV network Al-Risala, where he claimed that the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to persecute Muslims. Fortunately, the good people at MEMRI caught, recorded, and translated his TV appearance [video]. Then in November after the US elections, Sultan was delivering political commentary on the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that birthed Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

At a Muslim American Society-New York conference in April 2004, Sultan told the attendees:

Da'wah [conversion] work can never succeed unless Muslims embed themselves within the very marrow of American society.
For those of us in the Hilliard area, we should pause and take note that thus far Sultan has been successful in embedding himself into Central Ohio. It should give us considerable pause indeed.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Greetings to Visitors!

Welcome to everyone visiting from the plug we received earlier this week from! We’re just getting started here, but please feel free to look around. And be sure to stop back on the regular basis for more updates on what's happening regarding terrorism in the Columbus area and all around the great State of Ohio!