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Anisa Abd El Fattah backs Ron Paul and neo-Nazi STORMFRONT

Vote for Ron Paul, infidel.

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UPDATE #2: For a visual comparison of her Anisa Abd El Fattah persona (her nom de jihad), and her Caroline Keeble identity, take a look at the top of this post.

Sultan Knish informs us that our local HAMAS operative, former CAIR national board member and would-be Columbus Public School Board member Anisa Abd El Fattah/Caroline Keeble has a couple of recent posts on the “Muslims for Ron Paul” Yahoo forum coming out in favor of presidential hopeful Ron Paul and wishing neo-Nazi website STORMFRONT the best of luck in their battle against ADL. How nice.

This is the same Anisa Abd El Fattah who spent this past weekend speaking at a conference for an Iranian government front group identified by former FBI Director Louis Freeh as a direct domestic terror threat.

But don’t worry: the Columbus Dispatch still thinks she’s a moderate.

In her first message, she encourages candidate Paul not to bow to outside pressure calling for him to return donations from neo-Nazi leaders:

Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 19:48:00 -0800 (PST)
From: caroline keeble
Subject: Re: [Muslims_for_RonPaul] ADL Concerned About Ron Paul Supporters

Well, this will be the first test for Ron Paul. We will know if he is really our man if he stands for the Constitutional rights of all Americans to participate in the political process and to exercise their right to free speech. Campaign contributions are free political speech, and I think the ADL should be very careful not to attempt to chill or deprive Americans of their Constitutional rights. We already know they believe that only their flunkies have rights, and that they have the power to dictate to others who to vote for, etc. So this will be the test. Let’s see how Paul responds when it comes to dealing with the ADL.

Next up, she offers a prayer for STORMFRONT:

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 10:49:12 -0800 (PST)
From: caroline keeble
Subject: Re: [Muslims_for_RonPaul] ADL Extremism vs. Stormfront Extremism

28 USC 241 is a criminal statute. Traditionally only the US Attorney, or an Attorney General can file a suit under this statute. This is why the National Association of Muslim American Women filed a complaint back in January with the DOJ, requesting a Department of Justice investigation of the Jewish Lobby, including the ADL, not only for their routine attempts to tar and feather every Muslim and Arab as terrorist or potential terrorists, but also because there is a very good chance that these organizations, and their supporters are the sources of the so-called secret evidence that is the cause for many of the wrong arrests, imprisonments and other acts that have been carried out unfairly against Muslims and Arabs. Once tried in courtrooms these cases fall apart because the groups and individuals that provided the secret evidence, or who spread the rumors are liars.

There is also a very good chance that if we had gotten the investigation, it would have been proven that much of the testimony they have provided in Congressional hearings and private meetings has been lies, or rather perjury and false statements made to government officials, both crimes under 18 USC 1001. We attempted to circulate a petition asking Muslims and Arabs to sign onto the request for an investigation, to demonstrate to the DOJ that this was a serious initiative, and an issue of importance to nearly 8 million American citizens. We got 98 signatures, and so the Lobby continues with these tactics because they feel emboldened by Muslim and Arab apprehension about speaking up and pushing back. I pray that the people of Stormfront and their followers will have better luck with their people than we did with ours. It’s time for someone to stand up to the JDL and the ADL, and for their attempts to chill and deprive other Americans of rights be stopped.

The Sultan notes this is not the first, or even the second time that Fattah has come out in support of the neo-Nazis (see my previous FPM article, “Islamofascist Defends Fascists”, covering her unashamed approval of neo-Nazis). In her published exchange with UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, she goes out of her way to defend “White nationalists”, explaining the motive for their “fear mongering”:

The point is that every American has equal rights to free speech. That aspect of White nationalist behavior that includes fear mongering, name calling, and intimidation is wrong, yet they argue that their actions result from their frustration that they are stereotyped, and misrepresented by the media and made to appear as enemies of blacks and Jews, and others, when they simply want to preserve the white race, and its majority status. They feel that Jewish supremacism threatens their existence, and that Jewish activism is aimed at limiting their rights, and many Christians feel that same way.
No doubt, Ron Paul is proud to have her support.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Anisa Abd El Fattah speaks at conference for Iran’s mullahocracy

Happy New Year, infidel!

Columbus resident, HAMAS operative, and would-be Columbus Public School Board member Anisa Abd El Fattah is a featured speaker this weekend at a conference for a front group for the Iranian theocracy identified by former FBI Director Louis Freeh as a known domestic terrorist threat.

But don’t worry — she’s still considered a moderate by the Columbus Dispatch.

Fattah is speaking this weekend at the annual conference for the Muslim Student Association-Persian Speaking Group (MSA-PSG), also known as Anjoman Islami.

In 1999, then-FBI Director Louis Freeh identified MSA-PSG/Anjoman Islami as a domestic terror threat to the US operating under the control of the Iranian mullahocracy in testimony before the US Senate:

There are still significant numbers of Iranian students attending United States universities and technical institutions. A significant number of these students are hard-core members of the pro-Iranian student organization known as the Anjoman Islami, which is comprised almost exclusively of fanatical, anti-American, Iranian Shi’ite Muslims. The Iranian Government relies heavily upon these students studying in the United States for low-level intelligence and technical expertise. However, the Anjoman Islami also represents a significant resource base upon which the government of Iran can draw to maintain the capability to mount operations against the United States, if it so decides. (Prepared Statement of Louis J. Freeh, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation, before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary Subcommittee, February 4, 1999, Federal News Service, February 4, 1999.)
Director Freeh said that this organization is used by our avowed Iranian enemies to conduct spying against the US and a resource that Iran will draw from to launch terrorist attacks against the US.

A Decenber 2001 article in Insight Magazine by Kenneth Timmerman quotes a US government official about the immanent threat posed by MSA-PSF/Anjoman Islami:

“Without a doubt this is the most dangerous Iranian government-controlled group currently operating in the United States” one U.S. government investigator tells INSIGHT. “If they received orders, we believe they could be called into action to assassinate Iranian political leaders living in exile, in addition to the intelligence-gathering tasks they now perform.”
Counterterror expert Yehudit Barsky observes that MSA-PSG/Anjoman Islami has also been the primary promoter of the anti-Semitic and anti-US “International Al-Quds Day” celebration inaugurated by the late Iranian dictator Ayatollah Khomeini, and also that MSA-PSG published materials have openly advocated for the “global Islamic revolution”.

This is the same organization that Anisa Abd El Fattah will be addressing this weekend. Here is her conference bio and session abstract:

Sr. Anisa Abd el Fattah

Anisa Abd el Fattah is the founder and Chairwoman of the National Association of Muslim American Women. She is a former Executive director of the Center for Public Policy Research, and served briefly as the President of UASR, the United Association for Studies and Research where she also served for five years as Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs. From 1996-2000, Anisa served as the Editor of the Middle East Affairs Journal, an internationally acclaimed academic and peer reviewed journal that served as a forum for academics as well as activists writing from an Islamic perspective on issues pertaining to Islamic reform movements in the Muslim and Arab worlds.

She is author of the book, Reflections on the Spiritual Meanings of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. In 1998 she conducted an in depth study of the Iranian Constitution, and authored a report on Social Order, Individual Rights and Islamic Constitutionalism based upon that research.

She co-authored the book, The Agent; Truth Behind the Anti-Muslim Campaign in America, and numerous occasional papers on Islam in the United States such as, Islam in America: A New Reading, and Justice and Normative Law: Underlying Keys to Christian/Muslim Cooperation in the US.


“In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”

Unity before Ummat; seeking God in the transformation of Prophet Ibrahim (as) And a meaning of Ummat

In Sura Nahl, (The Bee), Chapter 15 of the Qur’an, God guided the prophet Muhammad (sa) saying, “Follow the ways of Ibrahim the true in faith, and he joined not Gods with God.” This implies that the life of the prophet Ibrahim (as) is an example for Muslims to follow for many important reasons, including spiritual and also social and political reasons. It also seems to imply that the secrets to the success that we intuitively desire and are seeking in respect to establishing Islamic Ummat in our lifetime, like the prophet Muhammad’s success, is also to be found in the example of prophet Ibrahim (as), and the concept of unity.

Through this presentation we hope to attain a better understanding of the prophet Ibrahim’s life and his transformation from the son of an idol maker, and a member of a pagan society, to his realization of Tawhid, (Oneness of God) and the impact of that realization upon his life journey. His journey included the establishment of the first community of believers and the Kaba, which is the Sacred House of God that also became the Qibla, or direction of a new community of Muslims distinguished by the completion and perfection of their way of life, which God named Al-Islam.

For those just joining us, her bio touts her lengthy tenure at the United Assocation for Studies and Research (UASR), which one convicted terrorist leader described as “the political command for HAMAS in the US”. It also notes that she briefly served as president of UASR. The reason she rose to that position was all of her other UASR colleagues had either been deported as terrorists, been arrested and charged for being terrorists, or fled to country to avoid prosecution as terrorists. I guess that’s one way to climb the corporate ladder.

And then there is her “co-authored” book. Just whom did she co-author her book with, you may ask? Current HAMAS spokesman Ahmed Yousef.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mahmoud El-Yousseph makes sense — and gets rebuked by CAIR for applauding Al-Qaeda conviction

I’m not one to begrudge someone when they’re right, or kick someone when they admit that they were wrong. That’s why I was pleased to here from David at The Conservatarian earlier this week about Mahmoud El-Yousseph’s recent letter to the editor published on the Columbus Dispatch website’s web-only LTE section.

Whatever disagreements I might have with Mahmoud’s open support of Hezbollah terrorists or his approval of suicide bombings as “reasonable” (published a week before the 9/11 suicide attacks), he thus far is the only figure from the tiny minority of Islamic extremists in Central Ohio to applaud the conviction of Columbus al-Qaeda terror cell member Nuradin Abdi and publicly withdraw his previous statements in support of Abdi.

But as you will see below, as soon as he did, the other members of the extremist CAIR crew quickly piled on to criticize him in full McCarthyite fury, challenging whether Abdi was actually guilty by appealing to all kinds of bizarre conspiracy theories about supposed torture and mind-altering drugs (even though Abdi openly pled guilty in court to material support for terrorism in the presence of some of those same conspiracy theorists).

Here is what Mahmoud wrote (which I’m told also appeared as a column in the Marion Star):

Proper punishment for convicted terrorist

Central Ohio sleep tight tonight. A second Columbus man was busted for terror ties and was sentenced for 10 years in jail. What a relief!

Nuradin Abdi, a Somali immigrant, was convicted last week and will spend the next 6 years behind bars and then be expelled to Mogadishu. Take it from this Muslim, Abdi is getting what he deserves.

Abdi was convicted of providing material to terror activities and plan to carry out attack at an area shopping mall, targeting innocent citizens. He claimed that was in response to U.S. agression against Muslims abroad.

That is not how you should show gratitude to the country that took you in as a refugee, provided you with a chance at work, safety, and security. If he was dissatisfied with our government foreign policy (as am I), there are many legal avenues available, even to non-citizens. By advocating the use of violence, he was part of the problem and not the solution. Fortunately, he did not have a chance to carry out his plan.

I must admit I’ve never met the man. However, when I read about his case four years ago, I was suspicious about the government’s claim, since Abdi was arrested based on secret evidence. This was, afterall, at the height of anti-Muslim feeling in the U.S.

Still fresh on the minds of Muslims across America were the two high profile cases of two other U.S.-born Muslim converts: Brandon Mayfield, an attorney from Oregon and James [Yusuf] Yee of Washington state. Mr. Mayfield was falsely accused by the government and was implicated with the Madrid bombing, while Captain James Yee, who served in the U.S. Army at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, was charged with espionage and many other serious offenses. Later the government dropped all charges against both of them. The government agreed to settle with Mayfield for $2 million, and offered him a formal apology: The federal government “regrets that it mistakenly linked Mr. Mayfield to this attack.” The U.S. Army lost a valuable human resource. Captain Yee received an honorable discharge, no apology, and he wrote a book about his ordeal to pay off his $200,000 legal expenses.

During that hysteria, I spoke publicly in defense of Abdi and about his right to free and fair trial based on evidence. I even contributed to his legal defense fund. Now after his case is over and he has admitted guilt to terror ties, I accept that this misguided man has betrayed his family, local Somalis, Central Ohio’s Muslim community, and the country that welcomed him.

Of special concern to me is the lack of response to this issue by local Muslim and Arab leaders, especially by The Council of American Islamic Relations [CAIR]. CAIR has defended Abdi vigorously throughout his case when it perceived he was a victim. One would think that CAIR leadership would have the moral courage to denounce Abdi’s act, once he was found guilty on credible evidence. I made four attempts by phone seeking a reaction from two CAIR members, my messages were not returned. Sadly, that was the same group that I once admired and took heat for defending in the press.

Lets hope and pray that the New Year does not bring us anymore unpleasant surprises, the likes of Nuradin Abdi. As far as this Muslim is concerned, I will continue to speak out my opinion — a freedom which is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution — even when it is not popular. But I will keep in mind my late mother’s (bless her soul) advice to me as I embarked for America: Don’t spit into the plate that feeds you!

Mahmoud El-Yousseph, Westerville
I certainly don’t agree with all of the various interpretations that Mahmoud offers, but the crux of his argument is dead on: Abdi pled guilty to his crimes and the Muslim community as law-abiding Americans should be grateful that this terrorist is behind bars. He also complains (rightly so) that CAIR refused to retract their support for Abdi after his guilty plea, let alone respond to his calls to CAIR on the matter. That is very telling in itself.

Is this a sign of a new, improved peace-loving moderate Mahmoud El-Yousseph? We’ll wait and see. Honestly, I don’t hold out a lot of hope that he has changed his terror supporting ways. I would certainly like to be proved wrong. That said, however, I will grant him this: he’s shown here that he has the courage to buck the party line handed down by the CAIR politburo and think independently about the issue. I have always argued that CAIR doesn’t actually represent the Central Ohio Muslim community, the vast majority of whom reject the jihadist ideology promoted by CAIR, ISGC, etc. Most Central Ohio Muslims do not belong to CAIR (in fact, recent tax documents show they don’t have any members AT ALL, and the leadership is entirely self-appointed) and don’t attend services at ISGC facilities. One law enforcement official told me that out of the tens of thousands of Muslims in the Columbus area, probably less than a thousand, probably closer to five hundred, would associate with CAIR and its extremist ideology.

But no sooner had Mahmoud posted his comments than the knives came out to attack him wielded by the self-appointed CAIR caliphs to enforce their ideological conformity.

First up was the grand pasha of Islamic extremism himself, CAIR national vice chairman Ahmad Al-Akhras, who had this to say in criticism of Mahmoud’s public statement:

Re: Proper punishment for convicted terrorist
Posted by: “Ahmad Al-Akhras” alakhras10
Sat Dec 8, 2007 10:54 am (PST)

salam Br. Mahmoud and all — i am not aware that you tried to call CAIR and no one responded. Would you kindly let us know who did you try and did not bother to respond to you?

On a more substantial note akhi, Abdi was not convicted as a “terrorist” rather, he was convicted of providing “material support.” The idea of “material support,” as David Cole put it in his piece in the Wash Post --see below — is that the government can charge a person and the person can be found guility because the burden is so low on this standard. I encourage you to read the whole OpEd of Professor Cole.

I also encourage you to read the testimony of the ACLU on Material Support for Terrorism Laws: Section 805 of the Patriot Act and Section 6603 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 Before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security. Ahilan T., an ACLU staff attorney, testified about this issue and how helping Tsunami devastated people in Sri Lanka could lead them to be directly charged with “Material Support” if they provided help in certain areas — read below.

Thank you akhi Mahmoud for all the good work you do, it is only Allah swt will be able to reward you for it as I am sure you are not waiting for anyone else. As to your attacking CAIR this way, I did not feel it was appropriate, even if you “once admired and took heat for defending in the press”. I am sure you did this because you beleived int he cause and not for anything else, right?

Thank you again, and may Allah swt guide us all. . .

That was follwed up by Fauzi Tayim:

Posted by: “Fauzi Tayim”
Sun Dec 9, 2007 9:40 am (PST)


One of the mistakes I have done in the past but try my best to avoid now is not to jump into conclusions based on what someone tells me or what I read or see in the media. I have not been following Abdi’s case very closely but I just wonder how did you conclude that he was “found guilty on credible evidence”. Did you see the evidence? You also say he confessed to acts of terrorism. Do you under what circumstances he made such a confession? Al-Arian, the UF professor was found innocent and he is still in jail. After his jail term is over (for about 2 years I believe), he will be deported. Al-Arian’s case was labeled an Israeli trial conducted on US soil. Sometimes our legal system works and sometimes it does not. I do not know if it worked in Abdi’s case. However, I sincerely doubt that a confessed terrorist would spent only 6 years in Jail. Ayman Faris (?) got 20 years.

Before you reach any conclusions about Abdi and CAIR, take some time to examine the evidence and circumstances more closely. By the way, have you attended any of the court proceedings? Do you know if he was tortured while in prison? Do you know if he was given “mind altering medication” while he was in prison? Do you know if his confession was not retrieved under torture or duress? I will not be surprised that the evidence against Abdi was kept “secret” for “national security” purposes. If in fact the evidence was kept secret, as is the case against all “terrorists”, how in the world can anyone conclude that the evidence was credible?



Denials, conspiracy theories, half-truths and outright evasion. Al-Akhras says that because Abdi was caught before engaging in acts of terror, he really wasn’t a terrorist, but only admitted to material support for terrorism, which he apparently thinks is entirely different. Tayim blathers on about the various conspiracy theories (torture, mental illness, etc. — all of which the Appeals Courts rejected). In fact, these were some of the same conspiracy theories floated by CAIR during Abdi’s incarceration, including CAIR-OH president and Al-Akhras lackey Asma Mobin-Uddin.

Expect more of these same conspiracy theories when Christopher “Kenyatta” Paul’s trial comes up next year. Some just can’t admit that the Central Ohio Islamic institutions they support and are a part of (again, which only represent a fraction of Muslims in the area) were home to the largest known al-Qaeda terrorist cell since 9/11. Mahmoud El-Yousseph has apparently come to terms with that fact; Ahmad Al-Akhras, Fauzi Tayim, and their extremist ilk cannot handle that truth.

Now my having addressed El-Yousseph’s comments here publicy will probably bring one of two responses (perhaps both). First, in true McCarthyite fashion, Mahmoud will be subject to even more criticism and outright shunning for airing the dirty laundry of the extremists in our community complaining that he’s given me a stick to beat them with, refusing to realize that all I’ve had to do is present the facts here unvarnished. Their comments have been unedited. I’ve allowed them to speak for themselves. Second, they will retreat into further silence on the Abdi conviction. Saying something now will only look like he has shamed them into saying something, which of course will be obviously true if they do in fact say anything at all at this point. With the support they continue to give Abdi, I doubt they will.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph has certainly put them in a serious pickle, but in reality it is only their extremism catching up with them. Unable to deal with that reality, they must keep spinning further into unreality and fantasy. They can’t handle the truth.

No one will ever confuse me for a Mahmoud El-Yousseph enthusiast, and I suspect he will continue venting his spleen against me shortly (I’m still waiting for that lawsuit) with his trademark fabrications, ad hominem attacks and childish personal insults; but in this case on the Abdi conviction, Mahmoud El-Yousseph is right and he should be acknowledged for saying he was wrong for his past support of Abdi. It’s damning that the rest of the CAIR crew of Islamic extremists in Central Ohio can’t bring themselves to do the same.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Greetings to all of those standing watch this Christmas season

To those military service members serving on duty at home and abroad this Christmas Season, especially those in harm's way, everyone at Central Ohioans Against Terrorism wishes each and every one of your a safe holiday. May you be able to return to your families soon. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

God bless you all this Christmas. And God bless America.

A video tribute courtesy of Fred Thompson:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Remembering the Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing Victims

On December 21, 1988, 259 souls aboard Pan Am Flight 103 from 21 countries and 11 residents of the town of Lockerbie, Scotland, were killed when a bomb planted in the cargo hold of the plane exploded mid-air at 31,000 feet. One hundred eighty-nine of the victims were Americans, including 15 active-duty military service members, 10 military veterans, 35 students of Syracuse University, four from Brown University, and two from SUNY — all returning home to their families for Christmas. Some of the victims were conscious at the time of the crash, according to forensic experts, as some were clutching religious items when their bodies were found. At least two victims, one flight attendant and one male passenger, were still alive when discovered.

Eight Pan Am 103 victims were from Ohio:
  • John David Akerstrom, 34, of Medina;

  • Om Dixit, 54, and Shanti Dixit, 54, of Fairborn;

  • Douglas Eugene Malicote, 22, and Wendy Gay Malicote, 21, of Lebanon (Douglas was an Army Specialist stationed at the US Army Base in Mannheim, Germany);

  • Peter Raymond Peirce, 40, of Perrysburg;

  • Michael Pescatore, 33, of Solon;

  • and Peter Vulcu, 21, of Alliance.
The bombing was organized by Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal in coordination with the intelligence service of Libyan dictator Mummar Ghaddafi. After international indictments were served, Abu Nidal fled to Iraq, where he lived under the protection of Saddam Hussein.

A memorial cairn was erected in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery in honor of all 270 victims. Syracuse University built an on-campus memorial to the students murdered, and also maintains a website on the terrorist attack. Syracuse also hosts an annual memorial service and offers the prestigious Remembrance Scholars program.

Syracuse University Remembrance Wall (from

Arlington Lockerbie Cairn pictures by Ron Williams (from

Saturday, December 15, 2007

UPDATE: RUMOR NOT TRUE — CAIR’s Ahmad Al-Akhras to head Ohio Civil Rights Commission?

Headed back to the land of sun, shari’a fun, and jihad.

Update #1 (0930 12/18/07): STOP THE PRESSES. Apparently the rumors about Al-Akhras possibly taking over the open OCRC post are NOT TRUE. Even more surprising than that, I’m informed that Al-Akhras intends to follow the example of his fellow jihadist, former Hilliard HAMAS cleric Salah Sultan, and is set to flee the country for the Middle East very shortly. More details are forthcoming.

Original Post: It is currently nothing but rumor, but there may be a thus-far unmentioned possible replacement for Barbara Sykes as the head of the Ohio Civil Rights CommissionCAIR national vice chairman and local Islamic extremist leader Ahmad Al-Akhras. Sykes resigned as chairwoman earlier this week just hours before her Ohio Senate confirmation hearing was scheduled.

According to a very reliable inside source, Al-Akhras resigned later in the week from his longtime cushy, high-paying job as asst. director of transportation at the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). I didn’t hear of this development until after the close of business on Friday, so I will confirm his resignation with MORPC on Monday. I previously reported (“Ahmad Al-Akhras on the Ropes?”) that Al-Akhras’ situation at MORPC was tentative already as many there grew tired of his constant on-the-clock activism and outspoken extremism, though no one could address for fear of the full “Wrath of CAIR” and the obligatory religious discrimination lawsuit that would have followed.

From one perspective (certainly not mine, by the way), Al-Akhras is an attractive candidate for the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) job. Al-Akhras has long been Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman’s man on the Community Relations Commission, and he is also a board member of ACLU-OH and the NAACP-OH. Al-Akhras has also participated in forums sponsored by the OCRC, such as this “Voting Rights Forum” in February 2006, which he moderated.

He’s tight with Gov. Ted Strickland, and it is no secret that our network of Islamic extremists here in town, headed by Al-Akhras, have not been happy with not having one of their own on the OCRC. In obeisance for their public support and campaign fundraising on his behalf, Strickland appeared at the CAIR-OH annual banquest last June (“Not in Our Name, Gov. Strickland”). They may be demanding more political payback from him. Al-Akhras would also be following the example of some of his CAIR colleagues in infiltrating the civil rights public sector, like what Ahmed Bedier has done in Florida, and what Esam Omeish of the Muslim American Society tried to do back in October with the VA Immigration Commission (derailed in no small part thanks to Steve Emerson and The Investigative Project).

But if he is appointed to the post by Gov. Strickland (which, again, is nothing but rumor at this point), Al-Akhras certainly faces many tough questions, many more than Sykes faced. Such as his open defense of the convicted members of our local Al-Qaeda cell (see my FPM article, “Hometown Jihad: Getting by with a little help from his [terrorist] friends”) and his longtime friendship (reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer) with convicted and deported North American Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader and fundraiser Fawaz Damra, even continuing communication with Damra even after he had been deported. His connection to that Al-Qaeda cell and his relationship with HAMAS cleric and former Hilliard resident Salah Sultan (who fled to Bahrain earlier this year after his US citizenship application was rejected) are yet unexplored areas of potential interest to his legion of critics.

Other facts of interest certain to come up in any possible confirmation hearing include Al-Akhras playing host to the Iranian mullah Ayatollah Khatami at a CAIR fundraiser last year, even being pictured with the mass murderer and father of the terrorist group, Hezbollah (“A Smile and Handshake for the Iranian Dictator”).

Then there was the minor role that Al-Akhras played in the horror of 9/11, by publicly coming to the defense of two Saudi students that the FBI and the 9/11 Commission Report says had conducted hijacking dry-runs on an American West flight from Phoenix to Columbus (“Ahmad Al-Akhras and the pre-9/11 "dry-run" Al-Qaeda terrorists he defended”).

He must also explain his cheerleading and promotion of 9/11-denial “theologian” David Ray Griffin (“9/11 Denial author coming to town, promoted by Mayor Coleman advisor Al-Akhras”). Oh, and while we’re on the topic, we do have artwork of Al-Akhras at the Griffin event we haven’t released yet.

The invitation that Al-Akhras extended to promient hate sheikh and 1993 WTC bombing unindicted co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj to speak at a fundraiser this past September for the Islamic Foundation of Central Ohio, which Al-Akhras is president of, would no doubt be raised during any State Senate confirmation hearings (“Mayor Coleman advisor brings hate sheikh to town”). Oh, and there was that defense fundraiser that Al-Akhras hosted with Wahhaj in support of convicted cop killer Jamil Al-Amin (more on that one later!).

And let’s not forget about the videotaped assault by Al-Akhras and his Islamofascist goons of a local female independent journalist while videotaping one of his regular “hate the Jews and infidel Americans” rallies at the Federal Courthouse downtown (videos at Ciaospirit’s website), which may not sit well with some of the feminists in the Ohio Senate (see also my FPM article, “CAIR: Assault and Videotape?”). Included in other reported incidents of Al-Akhras’ jackboot thuggery is when he, along with two CAIR accomplices, went unannounced one evening to the home of a local retired Marine veteran to harrass him because they didn’t like his bumper sticker (“CAIR Thugs on Islamophobia patrol”), a confrontation he has openly bragged about to the local media.

Al-Akhras’ membership in the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim American Society, and its racist website postings might also come up (“The Muslim Brotherhood in Central Ohio”), as well as the long string of now-convicted terrorist leaders (such as Abdurahman Alamoudi, sentenced to 23 years in prison on terrorism charges) and other extremists that Al-Akhras brought into Central Ohio when he was still the president of CAIR-OH.

And then there was his appearance in August at the conference that was evicted from the US Capitol by the US House Sergeant-at-Arms over security concerns and his connection to the sponsoring group, the Peace and Justice Foundation, which openly defends a whole host of convicted terrorists and cop killers. The Peace and Justice Foundation also rose to the defense of Al-Akhras, Abukar Arman and Anisa Abd El Fattah against my criticism of that event, going so far as to openly defend a number of terrorist organizations in an open letter in support of the HAMAS-fest at the Ohio Statehouse back in October (“Group supporting Al-Qaeda defends Ohio Statehouse October-terror-fest”)

There are, however, other possible explanations for Al-Akhras’ reported departure from MORPC that may not be related to the open OCRC position. With the ongoing organizational shakeup at CAIR national, he might be positioning himself for a move into the national spotlight in Washington DC. It might be hard to believe, but such a move would likely serve to increase CAIR’s extremism.

Another possibility is that he might get something in the third-term Coleman administration in Columbus City Hall, where he can directly manage his many lackeys and stooges already inside Mayor Coleman’s office (I know, it’s not like the Mayor would ever create a job for one of his [drug dealer] friends or other political allies). Other job options for Al-Akhras are possible, but it is highly unlikely he will leave the public sector, where taxpayers get to fund his activism and he is exempt from Social Security taxes by being part of the Ohio state employee retirement system.

Whatever it might be, we will all be eager to hear where Ahmad Al-Akhras lands. Hopefully I’ve helped him here to fill in some of the holes in his resume. No need to thank me, Ahmad! Always my pleasure.

Greetings visitors from HAMASistan!

UPDATE #1. The plot thickens, as we’re starting to get more hits from that neck of the woods ( Someone over there must have noticed!

UPDATE #2. As of 2:55am today (12/16), we are getting hits from the HAMAS university to this post now! Welcome Islamic terrorists and friends of CAIR-OH!

I checked our stats of recent visitors here at the COAT blog this morning, and was suprised to find several hits today from the HAMAS Islamic University of Gaza (

They no doubt were informed by some of our local HAMAS enthusiasts of my post on Thursday observing that their local patron, the Dublin, OH-based Arab Student Aid International, may finally receive some scrutiny of the millions of dollars they have funneled to the HAMAS institution over the past decade and the HAMAS leaders that they have supported in the past (as noted by the Washington Post).

They were certainly aware of the post, because as the graphic below showing the visitor “drill-down” shows, it was that post in particular that they were visiting. It seems they spent a while here as well (nearly 5 hours).

Country: Israel. Heh.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Funding HAMAS Terror Through Palestinian Universities — Even from Central Ohio!!

The Chicago Tribune reported on Wednesday:

U.S. government officials authorized giving nearly $1 million in foreign aid to a Palestinian university with links to the terrorist group Hamas, despite vetting the school eight times for ties to terrorism, according to a government audit.

[ . . . ]

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) asked USAID’s inspector general to conduct the audits after a Washington Times report detailed some of the aid payments to Islamic University earlier this year. He said in an interview Tuesday that the failure to detect terrorist ties at the school suggested “either incompetence or a complete breakdown of the vetting system as run by the State Department.”
That Palestinian university mentioned would be the Islamic University of Gaza, an institution founded and controlled by the terrorist group, HAMAS. As Matthew Levitt describes in his book, HAMAS: Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad (Yale Univ. Press), the Islamic University of Gaza has been the central institution in the HAMAS terror infrastructure. A 2006 Baltimore Sun article quotes HAMAS lawmaker and professor Jameela El Shanty regarding the Islamic University of Gaza: “HAMAS built this institution. The university presents the philosophy of HAMAS.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Lantos exoriated USAID officials earlier this year for their funding of IUG in violation of US law:

Providing U.S. assistance to a terrorist-controlled university in Gaza was out of the question and, in fact, violates U.S. law. This outrageous support for terrorism must and will end.
That would be the same HAMAS-controlled Islamic University of Gaza that the Dublin, OH-based Arab Student Aid International has poured millions into over the past decade. As I reported back in September (“Ohio-based Saudi ‘Charity’ Supporting HAMAS Terror University”), Arab Student Aid International admits providing more than $5 million in direct cash contributions to three terror-operated Palestinian universities, including IUG.

And that would be the same Arab Student Aid International that funded the US education of several HAMAS leaders, as reported last year by the Washington Post (“Distance Learning: HAMAS’ US Education”).

Funding HAMAS from right here in Central Ohio? Say it isn’t so!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Terror-linked group’s Central Ohio connections

A tip to my latest investigative article published today by PJM: “NY Congressman Gregory Meeks’ cozy relationship with a terror-linked organization”. It concerns a DC-based group, the Peace and Justice Foundation, and its attempts to hold events on Capitol Hill. One such function back in August was ejected from the US Capitol by the US House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms the day before the conference because of the terror-linked speakers that were scheduled to appear. The group publicly defends a number of terrorist organizations, convicted terrorist leaders, at two convicted cop killers.

This story has ties to Central Ohio, in that the Peace and Justice Foundation published an open letter on Abukar Arman’s website endorsing the recent HAMAS-fest at the Ohio Statehouse (a letter I responded to here), and three of the speakers at the August event that got tossed from the US Capitol grounds were from the Columbus area: (would-be Columbus Public School Board candidate) Anisa Abd El-Fattah/Caroline Keeble, (former Franklin County Homeland Security Oversight Board member) Abukar Arman and (Mayor Coleman advisor) Ahmad Al-Akhras.

Here’s the intro:

Why is a powerful congressman trying to pave the way for terror-linked speakers to appear on Capitol Hill?

That’s the question that comes to mind following the abrupt cancellation of the Muslim Mobilization Conference by the US House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms. The event, originally scheduled for August 11, would have taken place in the Cannon House Building Caucus Room had it not been for the last minute discovery of the terror-linked speakers that the DC-based Peace and Justice Foundation had invited to participate.

However the organization is claiming that Congressman Gregory Meeks, who initially helped organize the event, is actively working with them to reschedule, notwithstanding the organization’s public defense of several global terrorist organizations and two notorious cop killers. And a review of the Peace and Justice Foundation’s corporate documents shows that the group has been operating illegally for nearly a decade without any accountability whatsoever for funds it has raised for a wide variety of extremist causes.
Read it all at PJM.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hate sheikh featured speaker at upcoming Sunrise Academy fundraiser

Apparently stung by my revealing their past fundraisers featuring hate sheikh Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (see, “Hometown Jihad: The School Gym that Terror Built”), our local fulltime Islamic school in Hilliard, Sunrise Academy, is bringing in the next best thing — Siraj Wahhaj’s running buddy, fellow hate sheikh Abdalla Idris Ali. Sunrise is a program of the Islamic Society of Greater Columbus.

The fundraising event this coming Sunday, December 9th, is scheduled to be held at the University Plaza Hotel (flyer below). Abdalla Idris Ali is best known as the former President of the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and his virulently anti-Jewish and anti-Christian website, The website also features videos of extremist speakers, including multiple videos by a US government designated global terrorist and al-Qaeda cleric, in addition to promoting violent interpretations of jihad.

Ali’s presidential tenure of ISNA from 1992–1997 marked one of the most radical periods of the organization’s existence. In 1995 under Ali’s oversight ISNA established a defense fund for HAMAS terrorist leader Musa abu Marzook. Reporters for the St. Petersburg Times examining the organization have described ISNA as “the main clearinghouse for Wahhabism in the US” and say that the group is funded by the Saudi government.

Professor J. Michael Waller testifying before the US Senate Judiciary Committee described ISNA as a group that seeks to marginalize moderate Muslim voices:

The Islamic Society of North America is an influential front for the promotion of the Wahhabi political, ideological and theological infrastructure in the United States and Canada. Established by the Muslim Students Association, ISNA seeks to marginalize leaders of the Muslim faith who do not support its ideological goals. Through sponsorship of propaganda, doctrinal material and mosques, is pursuing a strategic objective of dominating Islam in North America.
Then there is Ali’s founding and continued leadership of Islamicity, a subscription website that openly advocates writings denouncing Jews and Christians as “disbelievers” and advances an extremist view of jihad. Here is a video of Idris Ali fundraising for the Islamicity website. Among the writings promoted at the Islamicity online library is an article entitled “The Corruption of the Torah” saying about Jews that “Allah has told us of the hatred they hide in their hearts”. Another article is entitled, “Confirmation That Judaism And Christianity Are Forms Of Disbelief”.

Then under its definition of jihad, it calls violent jihad against the “enemies of Islam” as the highest and most noble form (so much for the “lesser jihad”!):

Q308: Jihad: Basic definition of A308 : Jihad could be a simple action, such as standing firm in defense of the cause of Islam. This may require speaking out in public, against ignoring Islamic principles, and writing articles or publishing books. It may also take the form of reminding people of their Islamic duties and motivating them to conduct their lives according to Islam. Its top and most noble form is to fight the enemies of Islam in battle in order to foil their attempts to smother the call of Islam.
Perhaps even more troubling is Islamicity’s video channel dedicated exclusively to al-Qaeda cleric and Specially Designated Global Terrorist Abdul-Majeed Al-Zindani (see John Devon’s article, “Yemeni Shiekh of Hate”). Al-Zindani is considered one of Osama bin Laden’s mentor. Another video channel of Islamic conferences feature some of the most extreme Islamic leaders in the US, including our own former Hilliard HAMAS cleric, Salah Sultan (who fled the country for Bahrain earlier this year). We should also remember that Sultan was a regular fixture at Sunrise Academy during his years of residence in Central Ohio, and he used Sunrise Academy as a base of operations.

Another Sunrise Academy fundraiser, another hate sheikh. Go figure.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hate blogger Tammy “Intifadagirl” Watts-Obeidallah resurfaces

Hate blogger and keyboard jihadist Tammy Watts-Obeidallah has slithered out of her digital Tora Bora to regale us with more tales of her jihadist exploits! This time around, she admits to engage in “baiting”. Admittedly, she has much more experience at “baiting” than I, so I will readily concede to her expertise.

It is interesting that she admits to having been wanted for questioning by the CIA and FBI. Unfortunately, those fine young men in their nice white coats weren’t the CIA and FBI, Intifadagirl. And that padded room they wanted to escort you to wasn’t Camp Xray at Gitmo, no matter how much you wanted to show your solidarity with the cause.

She says that on October 28, 2000, instead of being at a rally in DC chanting “Death to Israel” and following the cheerleading of now-convicted terror leader Abdurahman Alamoudi in praise of HAMAS and Hezbollah, she says she was in Tipp City beginning her political fast. And what evidence does she provide as proof? An article in Dayton’s Impact Weekly, apparently the jihadist newspaper of record. But on October 27, 2000, Intifadagirl was singing another tune, as this email from her shows:

Date: Fri Oct 27, 2000 7:54 am
From: “Tammy E. Watts”
Re: Fw: [jerusalem-net] Join National Rally October 28

Hello to Everyone,

If anyone still wants to go to the Rally in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, please let me know. I will drive, but I just don’t want to go alone. We can leave as late as tonight, I’ve driven there in as little as 8 hours before. I am in Dayton, Ohio.

Tammy E. Watts
No mention of her supposed 7-day fast. Just her own expressed intent to attend the terror support rally. What can you expect from the factually challenged? But I’m sure she’ll have some further spin.

But the capper to her post is her bragging about her new “print media” job in California. And just what fine publication is she writing for, having made her hasty exit from the Greenville Daily Advocate? A brand-new monthly newsletter, The Independent Monitor, which apparently hasn’t been able to publish every month since its inception in February. And what is she “writing” for this monthly newsletter? Well, her October contribution was a rehashed article from several years ago. And the Independent Monitor no doubt has a couple dozen subscribers.

Yes, Tammy, you’re really climbing the print media stairway to fame! Sadly, it seems to be an escalator going down!

Oh, and by the way, I would love nothing more than for you to join your jihad-loving buddy, Mahmoud El-Yousseph, in his repeatedly threatened lawsuit against me. That way, I will not only have a house in Westerville, but South Gate, California as well. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Breaking: Columbus Al-Qaeda cell member Nuradin Abdi sentenced to 10 years

Nuradin Abdi was sentenced to 10 years in prison today for his role in the plot to bomb one of our Columbus-area shopping malls. Abdi was part of the local Al-Qaeda cell headquartered out of the Omar Ibn El-Khattab mosque just north of the Ohio State campus. Co-conspirator Iyman Faris was sentenced to 20 years in prison in October 2003 for material support of Al-Qaeda. Christopher “Kenyatta” Paul is presently awaiting trial on similar charges, and according to Paul’s indictment and subsequent media reports, at least 10 more members of the cell have not yet been charged (one is known to have fled the country).

Abdi’s sentencing comes after he took a last minute plea deal just prior to going to trial this past summer, much to the chagrin of some of our local extremist leaders who had loudly protested his innocence since his arrest in June 2004. Abdi pled guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

I reviewed our local Al-Qaeda problem in this previous post. A report from the NEFA Foundation describes the mall plot. The Investigative Project has court documents from the Abdi case, including the indictment and plea agreement.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Anisa Abd El Fattah colleague sentenced to prison

The Investigative Project on Terrorism reports that Abdelhaleem Ashqar, a former colleague of Columbus resident and would-be Columbus Public School Board member Anisa Abd El Fattah/Caroline F. Keeble, was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison last week for refusing to testify about his role in HAMAS financing. Ashqar was formerly a research associate for the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), which one convicted terrorist leader described as “the political command for HAMAS in the United States”. Anisa Abd El Fattah was the longtime director of public affairs and past president of the organization and served with Ashqar.

Ashqar’s conviction adds to the lenthy list of former UASR associates and former associates of Fattah’s who have been convicted of terrorism charges, fled the country to avoid prosecution, or have been listed by the US government as “Specially Designated Global Terrorists”.

Here’s a quick rundown of UASR’s greatest hits:
  • UASR was found jointly liable in federal court in a $156 million judgment for the murder of Chicago teenager David Boim, who was gunned down by HAMAS gunmen while waiting for a bus in Israel in May 1996.
  • UASR founder and former political director Mousa Abu Marzook is currently the political director for HAMAS in Damascus. The US government has listed Marzook as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist.
  • UASR executive director Ahmed Yousef co-authored two books with Anisa Abd El Fattah/Caroline F. Keeble and is now the official spokesman for HAMAS. Yousef fled the US in 2005 to avoid prosecution in the Fawaz Damra trial.
  • According to the Department of Justice’s trial brief in the Holy Land case, UASR “was designed for ideological research and development intended to promote a fundamentalist view of the Palestinian issue. The UASR was also involved in passing Hamas communiques to the United States-based Muslim Brotherhood community and relaying messages from that community back to Hamas.”
  • UASR board member Abdurahman Alamoudi was convicted in 2004 and sentenced to 23 years in federal prison for working with Libyan intelligence to assassinate the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The US Treasury Department estimated that Alamoudi had raised more than $1 million for al-Qaeda. Anisa Abd El Fattah served for 10 years as a consultant to Alamoudi and his American Muslim Council.
  • A federal judge refused to allow Fawaz Damra attend a March 2004 UASR event while he was on trial on charges related to his terrorist fundraising due to the organization’s terrorist ties. Damra was deported in January 2007 for failing to disclose his ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad in his citizenship application.
  • Mohamed Nimer, a former UASR board member, is named in the amended RICO statement for the lawsuit Estate of John P. O’Neill, Sr., et al. v. Al Baraka, et al. as one of the “proven links to Islamic Terrorists.”
You are known by the company you keep.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hate Blogger Tammy “Intifadagirl” Watts-Obeidallah Speaks

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. That’s what immediately strikes me about the most recent blog post of factually-challenged former Greenville Daily Advocate cub reporter Tammy Watts-Obeidallah, who has elsewhere gone by her online moniker “Intifadagirl”, in her identification of Tom Blumer and myself as “homegrown terrorists”. Well, she has plenty of first-hand knowledge of Islamic terrorism, so perhaps she’s the one to know.

First off, her claims that I have made videos killing Muslims and bombing soft targets in Iraq and Afghanistan are just plain nutty. Then again, this is the same keyboard jihadist who published a blog post back in July claiming that 9/11 conspiracies theories were concocted and spread by the CIA as a deception campaign to fool Leftists! As if you would need the CIA to do that! Oh, and she claims the Israelis were in on 9/11 too.

She then claims that I published on the web Mahmoud El-Yousseph’s address and phone number here. What she forgot to tell you is that I merely reprinted El-Yousseph’s own letters previously published on the web where he lists his address, email and phone number himself! Perhaps she thinks it was all part of my sinister plan to secretly have Mahmoud publish his own information six years ago, so I could reprint it later! Oh, how he fell right into my sinister trap!

As for where I got copies of his correspondence, I’ve already said that I use my super-secret Global Zionist conspiracy-issued computer spying software (the previous comment, of course, was pure sarcasm, as regular readers might recall that Mahmoud recently accused me of hacking into his Yahoo account - though no doubt Mahmoud and Intifadagirl will believe my use of the Global Zionist super-secret software to be true).

As for “Intifadagirl”, consider the following:

  • According to her best friend, terror apologist and fellow hate columnist Mahmoud El-Yousseph (who himself has publicly praised Hezbollah terrorists responsible for the killing of hundreds of US military personnel and also defended suicide bombing attacks against civilians as “reasonable”), in the weeks immediately following 9/11, Obeidallah rushed off to Jordan, then to Palestinian refugee camps to serve as a human shield for Palestinian terrorists.
  • Obeidallah was apparently one of the few attendees at a rally in October 28, 2000 rally in Washington DC at which now-convicted terrorist leader Abdurahman Alamoudi led the tiny crowd that Obeidallah was part of in chants and cheers in praise of the terrorist groups HAMAS and Hezbollah (video of the rally and Alamoudi’s terror cheerleading courtesy of The Investigative Project).
  • Obeidallah married a man in Jordan in 2002, even though she and her “husband” couldn’t communicate — a fact observed by the US Embassy counsul in Amman, Jordan when they originally denied his visa application. She admits that he was expelled from the embassy twice and she was threatened with removal from the US Embassy. They immediately had a son they named “Ali Jihad” apparently because having a child was the easiest way her “husband” could be allowed to enter the US. Yes, “Ali Jihad”. I keep telling folks I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to.
  • Since we’re on the topic, maybe Intifadagirl can explain why her brother-in-law Ahmad was arrested by Jordanian intelligence upon his return from Iraq in April 2003, where she admits he was engaged in “something”? Or maybe how just weeks after she gave birth, she was tear-gassed by Jordanian police while she was taking part in a violent anti-US demonstration? Please, do tell.

If Tammy Obeidallah is looking for any “homegrown terrorists”, she should take a look in the mirror.

Her bitterness at Tom Blumer is understandable, though entirely unfounded, because back in July he caught her in a blatant lie in one of her Daily Advocate news articles. When she persisted in her lie, leaving him hate-filled comments on his website, Blumer noted that every other newspaper covering the story contradicted her account. When she still persisted in her lie, Blumer contacted her editors at the Daily Advocate to urge a correction to her story because it was clearly wrong. A few days later when the Ohio Inspector General issued a report that confirmed she was wrong, thereby vindicating Blumer, her tenure at the Daily Advocate was already over.

The interchange between Obeidallah and Blumer over at his website is worth reviewing, if only for her ironic claim that Blumer “couldn’t make it in print media”, when in fact it’s clear now that she couldn’t make it either. Her comments are also a little high-handed for someone whose sole media credential is working for the Greenville Daily Advocate!!! About her only other media experience is having a letter to the editor published by the Columbus Dispatch and Dayton Daily News!

Way to go, Intifadagirl! Want to try again?

Andrew Bostom: Cleveland’s Imamate of Jew Hate

Dr. Andrew Bostom, the best-selling author of The Legacy of Jihad and the forthcoming The Legacy of Anti-Semitism, has offered his analysis of the recent Ahmed Alzaree situation at the Islamic Center of Cleveland this afternoon for the New English Review:

Cleveland’s Imamate of Jew Hate

. . . Alzaree’s March 2003 sermons are in fact far worse than has been portrayed by the Cleveland media. One assumes that either they have not been read at all, or at best only perused, and those reading these sermons, by and large, have no idea about the virulently Antisemitic motifs in the Koran and hadith (i.e., the words, deeds, and even physical gestures of Muhammad as recorded by pious Muslim transmitters). Moreover, these sermons were also virulently Christianophobic, invoking combined anti-Christian/Jew-hating motifs from the Koran (for example, Koran 4:157–159), as well as anti-Christian eschatology (linked explicitly to Jew-hating eschatology) from the hadith, particularly with regard to “Jesus,” or to be precise, the Muslim simulacrum of Jesus, “Isa,” as characterized in Islam’s foundational texts. Alzaree simply recounts Islamic doctrine (as per the Koran and hadith) regarding “Isa” — the Muslim Jesus — which emphasizes the Jews overall perfidy, especially their gloating (but unknowingly “false”) claim to have killed Isa. According to this sacralized Islamic narrative, Isa is merely a Muslim prophet whose ultimate “job description” includes the destruction of Christianity. Thus Alzaree’s sermon invokes the canonical hadith that this Muslim Jesus — who was never crucified — the perfidious Jews prodding the Roman’s to kill Isa’s “body double” — will return as a full-throated Muslim to break the cross, kill the pig, and end the payment of the deliberately humiliating Koranic (9:29) poll-tax demanded of Christians (i.e., the jizya). This hadith states, “He [Isa] will fight the people for the cause of Islam. He will break the cross, kill swine, and abolish jizya” — because Christians will be converted to Islam (and thus exempt from the jizya), or eliminated — “Allah will perish all religions except Islam.” Alzaree concluded the second sermon with an apocalyptic canonical hadith — repeated in the 1988 Hamas Charter (in article 7) — stating if a Jew seeks refuge under a tree or a stone, these objects will be able to speak to tell a Muslim: “There is a Jew behind me; come and kill him!”
I doubt you'll read that kind of analysis anywhere in the Ohio establishment media. Follow this link for my previous Ahmed Alzaree posts.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Terror-linked Islamofascist, wife-beating advocate speaks at Ohio State

Jamal Badawi: Friend to global terrorists, outspoken advocate of wife-beating, and “multi-cultural” “interfaith” speaker at Ohio State last month.

You have to hand it to CAIR-Ohio and the Muslim Student Association at Ohio State. When they decided to recognize Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week last month, they pulled no punches. What they did was bring in one of the most prominent North American Islamofascists to town, Jamal Badawi, as I discuss in my FrontPage article this morning, “Ohio State Does Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Right!”. The event was billed by the OSU Multicultural Center as “Interfaith Relations — the Muslim Perspective”.

As I discussed in a Family Security Matters article back in September, Badawi was a featured speaker and honored guest at a conference in Doha, Qatar honoring HAMAS spiritual leader and Specially Designated Global Terrorist Yousef Al-Qaradawi. Badawi is even listed as such in an article posted on Qaradawi’s personal website.

He is also on the Board of Directors of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, an organization founded and run by terrorist leader Qaradawi, which in 2004 issued a fatwa calling on all able-bodied Muslims both inside and outside Iraq to wage jihad against the American military as a religious “duty”.

A press release issued by CAIR-OH following Badawi’s October 15th appearance at OSU quoted CAIR-OH President Asma Mobin-Uddin as saying, “The opportunity to listen to Islamic scholars like Dr. Badawi was a great opportunity for the community to become educated, and it gave people the change to ask questions about things they may have heard about Islamic teachings.”

So what did Badawi talk about? Well, I was not in attendance, however some of Badawi’s favorite past topics include:

Then there is Badawi’s famous 2004 fatwa for Islamonline (a website run by Qaradawi) outlining six different conditions in which a wife may properly be beaten according to his understanding of “Islamic teaching”, because, as he states, “there are cases, however, in which a wife persists in bad habits”.

If anyone had doubts about the existence of Islamofascism, listening to Jamal Badawi for an hour would undoubtedly put those concerns to rest. Both CAIR-OH and MSA have done the Ohio State community a tremendous favor by allowing an up-close and personal look at an actual Islamofascist in action. Those same organizations, however, presumably consider Jamal Badawi to be some great interfaith leader and an outstanding Muslim teacher, thus vindicating David Horowitz and the Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week effort.

Oh, the irony!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

CBN News: Jihad in Central Ohio

(Sorry, I’m a couple of weeks late getting this up.)

Ohio No Stranger to Radical Islam
By Erick Stakelbeck
CBN News Terror Analyst
October 27, 2007 — COLUMBUS, Ohio — One traditional Middle Eastern grocery is painted to match the distinctive red, white, black and green of the Palestinian flag. Over the meat counter hangs a flag often flown at rallies for the terrorist group Hamas.

But this grocery store isn’t located in Gaza or the West Bank. It’s in Hilliard, Ohio: a sleepy suburb of Columbus. It seems an unlikely battleground in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but support for the Palestinian cause runs deep.

“We are critical of our government policy in the Middle East, and its blind support of Israel,” Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a local columnist said.

A Palestinian native, El-Yousseph writes about Muslim issues. He says many Muslims in Columbus feel the U.S. has neglected the Palestinians.

He said, “Our foreign policy in the Middle East, it stinks. It needs a tune up, and we’re going to speak about it, whether people like it or not.”

El-Yousseph served 20 years in the U.S. military. His son is serving in Iraq now. He says patriotism isn’t an issue for this Muslim community.

“We are God fearing, law abiding American citizens,” El-Yousseph said. “We love this country. We want to work together for the common good of our national defense.”

A Jihad Hotbed?
Patrick Poole isn’t so sure. A writer and consultant on terrorism-related issues, he returned to the Columbus area recently after a ten year absence.

“After a decade away, to come back and see all the changes that Hilliard had gone through and then to find out that we are essentially a center of jihad — one of the hottest centers of jihad in the country — was just mind blowing,” Poole said.

Columbus is no stranger to Islamic radicalism. Members of an al-Qaeda cell attended a local mosque. Two of the men were convicted on federal terrorism charges. One plotted to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge. Another planned to blow up a local shopping mall.

Federal law enforcement officials say other members of the cell are still on the loose.

That al-Qaeda cell was one of the largest yet discovered in America. El-Yousseph says he and other local Muslims condemned those involved.

But Poole says support for two other terror groups is widespread among Columbus Muslims.

“Hamas and Hezbollah and everything going on in Israel are really the linchpin issues of radicalization here in Columbus,” Poole said.

According to Poole, there’s a budding Hamas support network in the area. He says much of this network leads back to one man — Dr. Salah Sultan.

Poole said, “I discovered that Dr. Salah Sultan — a very prominent international cleric who’s closely associated with Yusuf Qaradawi — was living right around the corner from my own home.”

Sultan’s relationship with Qaradawi is the first thing that caught Poole’s attention. Qaradawi is listed by the U.S. as a specially designated global terrorist. He’s openly advocated suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. He’s also called on Muslims to fight U.S. troops in Iraq.

A Closer Look
Terrorism expert Steven Emerson has followed Sultan and Qaradawi’s activities closely.

“Sultan is an acolyte of Qaradawi,” said Steven Emerson, of the Investigative Project on Terrorism. “And Qaradawi is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who has called for killing Americans and killing Jews”

Their relationship is so close that Sultan joined in honoring Qaradawi at a reception this summer.

Emerson said, “The fact that Sultan is hanging out with these men indicates exactly where he stands.”

Qaradawi is a leader of The Muslim Brotherhood, a jihadist movement that seeks to establish worldwide Islamic law. An exclusive interview with Sultan was featured on the Brotherhood’s Web site last year.

El-Yousseph told CBN News that Sultan is a Muslim scholar. He says Sultan’s views aren’t extreme, and that he even supports women’s rights in countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Sultan’s views on 9/11 are more problematic. He told Saudi TV the attacks were planned by the U.S. government.

“The entire thing was of a large scale and was planned within the U.S., in order to enable the U.S. to control and terrorize the entire world,” Sultan said.

Sultan recently left his home in an affluent Columbus suburb and now lives in the tiny Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain.

His application for U.S. citizenship was denied after he appeared at a Hamas rally in Turkey last summer. But he’s still allowed to enter the U.S. and move around freely.

Sultan agreed to a phone interview with CBN News, but later cancelled.

Poole says Sultan continues to be influential in the Columbus area’s Muslim community.

“Dr. Sultan was insulated into all of the major Islamic institutions here in Columbus,” Poole said. “The Islamic Society of Greater Columbus, Sunrise Academy — the private islamic school — the Al Noor Center, he was preaching at several other mosques. He was all over the place and integrated into all those institutions.”

For example, one site that used to be Hilliard’s public library is now home home to Sunrise Academy, a K–8 Islamic school. Sultan lectured there on a regular basis. Siraj Wahhaj also appeared there recently. He’s an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

El-Yousseph says Sultan and other Muslims in Columbus have been singled out unfairly since 9/11.

He said, “Most Muslims I know are professional here. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, grocers, schoolteachers who love this country, who left overseas because of religious persecution. They want to be here for a better life. They’re not here to betray America and stab it in the back.”

Emerson says that’s exactly the case with Sultan.

“Salah Sultan has made incredibly incendiary comments about Jews, about jihad.” he said. “This is not someone we want in the United States.”

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mahmoud El-Yousseph: Suicide bombings are “reasonable”

Just one week before 9/11, one of our local terror apologists, Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a regular columnist for the Marion Star and the Newark Advocate, had a letter to the editor published by the Columbus Dispatch defending suicide bombings targeting civilians, saying that they were “a reasonable way to defend their freedom, honor and integrity”. Just eight days later, 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists applied that same logic in murdering almost 3,000 Americans in the worst terrorist attack in our country’s history. And according to El-Yousseph, the management of the Columbus Dispatch came to his rescue when the FBI understandably came calling.

Regular readers might recall that this is the same Mahmoud El-Yousseph who openly praises the terrorist organization Hezbollah, calling them “freedom liberation fighters”, despite the fact that Hezbollah has killed hundreds of American Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen in multiple terrorist attacks and kidnappings (see our previous post, “Mahmoud El-Yousseph: Hezbollah are ‘freedom fighters’”).

To compound his treachery, El-Yousseph tries to hide behind his military service, even though his open support of Hezbollah is in direct conflict with his military induction and citizenship naturalization oaths to “support and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and Hezbollah is responsible for the 1996 Khobar Towers attack that killed 19 airmen (his own branch of service).

For disclosing his public support for terrorists in violation of his military and citizenship oaths, El-Yousseph last week threatened me with legal action (“Mahmoud El-Yousseph threatens legal action”).

Just days before 9/11, it was HAMAS and Islamic Jihad Palestinian suicide bombers and those terrorist organizations’ targeting of innocent civilians that Mahmoud El-Yousseph was defending, saying such acts were “reasonable”. The problem with his contrived narrative, however, is that if the oppression were so great, why aren’t there any independent suicide bombers? Why are they all tied to these terrorist organizations, and why do they only strike when HAMAS, Islamic Jihad or Fattah have political objectives they hope to meet?

Here’s Mahmoud in his own words:

In order to eliminate suicide bombing in the Middle East, one must examine this phenomenon. What would make someone strap explosives to his chest, walk into a restaurant and blow himself up?

Israel is driving Palestinians into desperation on a daily basis. The war crimes and atrocities committed against Palestinians are bad enough to drive a saint to insanity.

Collective punishment, demolition of homes, political assassinations, checkpoints and roadblocks are some of the trials Palestinians endure. Restriction on people leaving their homes to go to work, to school, to hospitals or to visit relatives are not intended to be security measures, at all. They are the punishment and humiliation of a whole population.

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have so little freedom and so little hope that suicide seems a reasonable way to defend their freedom, honor and integrity.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Below is the text of El-Yousseph’s letter BEFORE the Columbus Dispatch edited it. It begins with a libelous and mendacious report that Israelis were allegedly going to bury Palestinian terrorists in pig skins. He also justifies the killing of two Israelis by a Palestinian mob saying that they were undercover agents on an assassination mission - another false story floated by El-Yousseph.

Date: Tue Aug 28, 2001 9:08 am
From: Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Subject: How to stop suceide bombing

Dear editor:

Eurika! Israel has discovered a majic solution to curtail suceide bombing by Palestinians. Israel now contamplating to burry the remain of would be bomber with the blood and skin of a pig. By the way, Muslims are not allowed to eat any pork products. What a ludicrious idea. Discrating human remains, or radiculing the dead and his faith is dumber than dumb. Israel don’t get it. Last spring the Palestinians returned promptly to Israel two of it soliders killed in Ramallah by protersters. The two were udercover operative dressed in Arabic attire, and were on a mission to assassinate Palestinain activisits. It is rather silly to even think that burrying a bomber remain with a pig would put an end to suceide bombing. In order to eliminate suceide bombing, one must examine and understand this new phenomina. What makes someone strap explosives to his chest, walk into a resturant and blow himself up? Israel is driving Palestinians into desperation on a daily basis. It’s war crimes and attrocities against Palestinains is bad enough to drive a saint into insanity. Some of these mesures for example: Collective punishment, home demolishing, political assassination, chek points, roadblocks. And restricting people movement from leaving their homes to go to work, school, hospitals or visiting releatives, are not intended as a security mesures at all. They are punishment and humiliation of a whole population.

Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza have so little freedom and so little hope that suceide seems a reasonable way to defend their freedom, honor,and integrity.

Mahmoud El-Yousef
According to El-Yousseph (acknowledging in advance that he has a pretty loose grip on the truth), after 9/11 FBI agents contacted the Columbus Dispatch to get a copy of his original letter above, only to be rebuffed by the paper. He also adds that Dick Carson, who was the Dispatch’s editorial page editor at the time, took to El-Yousseph’s defense.

Date: Fri Sep 21, 2001 10:55 pm
From: Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Subject: Aiming @ the wrong target!

Dear friedns:

I was contacted by columbus Dispatch reporter today who wanted to do a story about my first amandment’s right,and wanted to know if I was questioned by any federal agents regarding my last letter that appeared in the dispatch> the letter dated back to Sep.3rd this year which explain why Palestinian resort to sucied bombing. I did not give an interview, because I was not contacted by any body regarding my letter. I know a man contacted Westerville Police about that letter on 12 Sep. Obviously, somebody contacted the FBI and Columbus Police Department regarding that letter also. The reporter I talked to read the letter and was confidant that letter does not condone sucied bombing, but it rather explain it. To make a long story short, I contacted the paper editorial manager Dick Carson, and he told me the fellowing:

1..He was asked by columbus police liason officer to the FBI, and was asked for a copy of my letter. The dispatch refused and submitted to him via Fax only the printed version of the letter.
2.. Dick Carson informed the officer that he knew me for the last 20 years as a peace loving person and that he was wasting his time by going after the wrong person. To proof his point and to ad a human face, Mr. Carson faxed a human intrest story I wrote about my 8 years old son Adam back in April. That story was a heart breaking one.
3.. Mr. Carson informed the officer also, that he will eat his hat the Columbus city hall steps If the police would find ANYTHING against me.
4.. INS agent left his card at my house door with a not to call him. He is asumming I am a foriegner I take it. What does that all mean? This iseither being done in the name of national security, or they just crossed the line.

Let me assure you all, I have nothing to fear or hide. They are not only going to be wasting their time and mine. But they will be disappointed after they speak to me, and know me as a real person. I will not be intimidated by any blackmail, smear, or scare tactic. This is my country too, and I have the write to speak my mind and express my view puplicly I will keep you all updated in case of any devolopment.

thanks for your time.
Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Even after the despicable and cowardly attacks after 9/11, Mahmoud El-Yousseph continued to shamelessly cling to the same twisted suicidal jihadist dogma that fueled the 9/11 attacks. Even more interesting is that El-Yousseph was still serving in the US Air Force at the time. It seems that the FBI had every right to investigate our local terror apologist.