Wednesday, March 5, 2008

CAIR-OH official defends Harvard’s gender apartheid policies on CNN

Demonstrating that CAIR has yet to reach bottom of its institutional bigotry, witness the appearance of CAIR-Cleveland executive director Julia Shearson earlier this week on CNN to defend Harvard’s gender apartheid policies (discussed in this March 4th USA Today article, also quoting CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper).

CAIR is so proud of Shearson’s defense of gender apartheid that they are featuring it on their own website. They are enthusiastically promoting their neo-segregationist policies, as CAIR officials are making the rounds at other news outlets, such as FOX, touting their pre-Civil Rights era, Jane Crow views and successes.

For an alternative view protesting Harvard’s acceding to CAIR’s demands for gender apartheid, read Michael Graham’s Boston Herald article, “An Exercise in Discrimination at Harvard”.