Monday, December 31, 2007

Anisa Abd El Fattah backs Ron Paul and neo-Nazi STORMFRONT

Vote for Ron Paul, infidel.

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UPDATE #2: For a visual comparison of her Anisa Abd El Fattah persona (her nom de jihad), and her Caroline Keeble identity, take a look at the top of this post.

Sultan Knish informs us that our local HAMAS operative, former CAIR national board member and would-be Columbus Public School Board member Anisa Abd El Fattah/Caroline Keeble has a couple of recent posts on the “Muslims for Ron Paul” Yahoo forum coming out in favor of presidential hopeful Ron Paul and wishing neo-Nazi website STORMFRONT the best of luck in their battle against ADL. How nice.

This is the same Anisa Abd El Fattah who spent this past weekend speaking at a conference for an Iranian government front group identified by former FBI Director Louis Freeh as a direct domestic terror threat.

But don’t worry: the Columbus Dispatch still thinks she’s a moderate.

In her first message, she encourages candidate Paul not to bow to outside pressure calling for him to return donations from neo-Nazi leaders:

Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 19:48:00 -0800 (PST)
From: caroline keeble
Subject: Re: [Muslims_for_RonPaul] ADL Concerned About Ron Paul Supporters

Well, this will be the first test for Ron Paul. We will know if he is really our man if he stands for the Constitutional rights of all Americans to participate in the political process and to exercise their right to free speech. Campaign contributions are free political speech, and I think the ADL should be very careful not to attempt to chill or deprive Americans of their Constitutional rights. We already know they believe that only their flunkies have rights, and that they have the power to dictate to others who to vote for, etc. So this will be the test. Let’s see how Paul responds when it comes to dealing with the ADL.

Next up, she offers a prayer for STORMFRONT:

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 10:49:12 -0800 (PST)
From: caroline keeble
Subject: Re: [Muslims_for_RonPaul] ADL Extremism vs. Stormfront Extremism

28 USC 241 is a criminal statute. Traditionally only the US Attorney, or an Attorney General can file a suit under this statute. This is why the National Association of Muslim American Women filed a complaint back in January with the DOJ, requesting a Department of Justice investigation of the Jewish Lobby, including the ADL, not only for their routine attempts to tar and feather every Muslim and Arab as terrorist or potential terrorists, but also because there is a very good chance that these organizations, and their supporters are the sources of the so-called secret evidence that is the cause for many of the wrong arrests, imprisonments and other acts that have been carried out unfairly against Muslims and Arabs. Once tried in courtrooms these cases fall apart because the groups and individuals that provided the secret evidence, or who spread the rumors are liars.

There is also a very good chance that if we had gotten the investigation, it would have been proven that much of the testimony they have provided in Congressional hearings and private meetings has been lies, or rather perjury and false statements made to government officials, both crimes under 18 USC 1001. We attempted to circulate a petition asking Muslims and Arabs to sign onto the request for an investigation, to demonstrate to the DOJ that this was a serious initiative, and an issue of importance to nearly 8 million American citizens. We got 98 signatures, and so the Lobby continues with these tactics because they feel emboldened by Muslim and Arab apprehension about speaking up and pushing back. I pray that the people of Stormfront and their followers will have better luck with their people than we did with ours. It’s time for someone to stand up to the JDL and the ADL, and for their attempts to chill and deprive other Americans of rights be stopped.

The Sultan notes this is not the first, or even the second time that Fattah has come out in support of the neo-Nazis (see my previous FPM article, “Islamofascist Defends Fascists”, covering her unashamed approval of neo-Nazis). In her published exchange with UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, she goes out of her way to defend “White nationalists”, explaining the motive for their “fear mongering”:

The point is that every American has equal rights to free speech. That aspect of White nationalist behavior that includes fear mongering, name calling, and intimidation is wrong, yet they argue that their actions result from their frustration that they are stereotyped, and misrepresented by the media and made to appear as enemies of blacks and Jews, and others, when they simply want to preserve the white race, and its majority status. They feel that Jewish supremacism threatens their existence, and that Jewish activism is aimed at limiting their rights, and many Christians feel that same way.
No doubt, Ron Paul is proud to have her support.