Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bringing it all together.

Is a Columbus City Hall staffer providing an ear (and a voice) for local Islamists?

Another interesting wrinkle in this ongoing saga — if you will, is the appearance of Abukar Arman and Abukar Osman (Balle) business partner Abdinur Mohamud on the scene (or, more accurately behind the scenes).

Since the apple doesn’t usually fall far from the tree, finding Abdinur (who works for the State of Ohio Dept of Education) is not all that unusual. Where we found him is. . . .

In this 2006 video, Abdinur is seen leading a protest against a visit by a South African ambassador — which is mind you, perfectly legal in the Shari’a free USA. The uniqueness, if you will comes when we see Abdinur pictured with a Columbus Mayoral Staffer (Community Relations Commission-New Immigrant Initiative) employee named Abdirizak Farah, whose brief city bio can be found here.

Don’t they look imposingly handsome together? (There is a perfect shot of them at 1:40 into the video).

Before you read further, glance back at our last post on this crew and get a good look at Mr. Osman in City Hall.

Now watch the video one more time. Notice that at :27 seconds into the video that a man that looks just like Abukar Osman is seen holding a sign for his friends Abdinur and Abdirizak.

Isn’t coincidence so coincidental?

Is it possible that we have found the gatekeeper to City Hall for these Shari’a law advocates in Mayor Coleman’s adviser Abdiriak Farah?

I’m sure there are dozens of other people that work for the Mayor that have appeared in internet videos with local Islamists — just right now I can’t find any.

Someone had to have put a bug in the Mayor’s ear when Arman was being chased all over the city and off the Franklin County Homeland Security Advisory Board. Although we see emails from Michael Brown from City Hall, it would be hard to believe that nobody in City Hall asked the native Somalian on staff what his insights were on Arman. . . .

Are we also to believe that 15 year old Ilhan Abukar Dahir, daughter of Abukar Osman, just happened to be chosen for the Columbus Youth Commission out of thousands of young Somalis who would have also qualified for the job?

Unfortunately, that is how politics works. . . .

In the “Gee . . . . it’s a small world category” Mr. Farah can also be seen here assisting the Obama 2008 crew from Minneapolis sign up local Somalis to vote for Obama.

The fact that Mr. Farah is working to assist fellow Somalis, presumably by translating for them on his own time, is very commendable.

The fact that Mr. Farah seems to have deep connections with Abdinur Mohamud, Abukar Arman, and Abukar Osman — all who have publicly outed themselves as supporters of Shari’a law in Somalia (and perhaps beyond) is however concerning. This is not intended to be for or against any candidate. But since I do not speak Somali, I cannot comment on what the majority of the men are saying in these videos.

What should concern every American and every voter are the answers that are heard in English. Following the "campaign" meeting, www.Bartamaha.com shot two follow up videos entitled "Why I want to vote for Barack Obama" Pts. 1 & 2. They also spliced out an excerpt they entitled “The Obama Kid”, which can be seen here. Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth.

If you don’t watch any other segments, the “Obama Kid” will provide great insight as to what the majority of this meeting probably was — that would also explain why ‘the kid’ got cut off before he finished his sentence about the war in Iraq. . . . . . .

Hopefully there are other figures amongst the Somali community in Columbus that are also in positions of leadership and/ authority, that regardless of their political affiliations, aren’t so well connected to men who outwardly advocate for anti-democratic Shari’a law — because it looks like the Islamists have the Department of Education, Charter Schools, and possibly City Hall all wrapped up.

In light of the documents WorldNetDaily published today regarding Kenya’s Odinga and the Orange Party, some folks might want to dust off their Fiqh manuals to get a better idea of just where they stand in the coming times of Change.