Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giving credit where credit is due. . . .

The Dispatch Stands up to CAIR (and our old friend and Islamic Courts supporter, Abukar Arman). . . .

Credit also to Patrick, who although he is under the weather right now, came across this editorial by Mr. Arman, and the retort to Arman and CAIR’s Islamofascist tactics by Glenn Sheller of the Columbus Dispatch — Glenn, not that it matters, but great job — thank you!

Glenn’s article speaks for itself. Please read it and contact him to encourage him. He is bound to face some heat for speaking the truth about CAIR and their war against free speech.

Now, onto Mr. Arman’s article; we will point out some additional issues that could use a closer examination.

While digressing on the many “anti’s” (Semitism, Catholicism, etc.) that exist in America today, Arman naturally brings up “Islamophobia”. In doing so, Arman provides the most truthful and accurate depiction of the phenomena called “Islamophobia” that has (possibly) ever been uttered by a CAIR employee:

“And like the rest, Islamophobia was developed and is fostered by special agenda-driven groups attempting to achieve a political, social or economic end.”
YES. YES, and YES! Very true Mr. Arman!

It should be noted that the “special interest group” Mr. Arman is referring to (whether he realized it or not) is none other than CAIR itself.

Even Mr. Sheller notes,

“Where CAIR errs is in labeling anyone who discusses Islamic terrorism a bigot and hatemonger, an Islamophobe, to use CAIR’s favorite slur.”
Mr. Arman goes on further to state,

“Gone are the days when the perpetrators of hate would march with banners that explicitly express their negative views of other groups. Today, hate messages and propaganda often are camouflaged as talk-radio punditry, political speeches and infomercials.”
That is not entirely accurate Mr. Arman. Perhaps you have forgotten about the November 2007 protest at the Ohio Statehouse (fortunately YouTube has not), where at 2:30 into the video, you stated [in reference to the implied US support of Ethiopian military activity in Mogadishu, Somalia] “it would create even more people to hate this (the United States) country for this policy. It fuels more anti-Americanism.”

Mr. Arman take solace, you are still batting one thousand with your honesty and sincerity - at least when it comes to your true beliefs about the United States.

This video, which was taken by a man who calls himself Mahdy Maaweel is just one in a series of videos posted by Maaweel under the username somalisan.

As I write this piece I can see a still photo of a man that I recall reading about on Robert Spencer’s site ( about a year ago. His photo, and his henna stained beard make him rather easy to recall. . . .

A quick search revealed that Spencer’s article also appeared on the Frontpage magazine website under the title, “The Minneapolis Jihad”.

After further review, the man in Maaweel’s video is definitely one in the same. He is identified as Mohamed Hassan Jaamici J.D., the chairman of the Somali Institute for Peace and Justice (SIPJ), and an Imam at a local Minneapolis mosque.

Perhaps ironically, Jaamici can be seen in this link from a September, 2006 press release reiterating his support for the Islamic Courts Union (ICU).

Peeling another layer back from the onion reveals that Mr. Arman and Sheikh Hassan (Jaamici) do not appear as featured speakers in Maaweel’s videos by mere coincidence. An internet search confirms that Arman is still the President and founder of the Pan Somali Council for Peace and Justice (ISRAACA) {now-defunct website}.

Here is a snippet from the ‘press release’ for a planned multi-organization protest in Washington DC in June 2007 linking the two groups together:


Somali American Peace Council (SAPC) — Washington , DC
Somalis for Peace and Justice (SPJ)
Somali Diaspora Network (SDN) — Fairfax Virginia
North American Somali Diaspora Steering Committee
Pan-Somali Council for Peace & Democracy (Israaca)
Somali Canadian Diaspora Alliance
Somali Institute for Peace & Justice (SIPJ)- Minneapolis , MN
Alberta Centre for Somali Canadian Relations
Midwest Resource Center (MRC) — Minneapolis, MN
Hirgal Consulting and Adult Education-Rochester, MN

A little Googling revealed that in August 2006, ISRAACA Chairman of the Board Abukar Osman issued a statement also supporting the ICU restoring itself as the chief law enforcement (sharia) mechanism in Somalia.

If Abukar Osman rings a bell with COAT readers — it should. He is also a business partner of Abukar Arman’s and Abdinur Mohamud’s — in their business ventures dealing with (failing) charter schools here in Columbus. According to their website, Mr. Osman is currently on the IAC Board of Education.

Oh, did I mention that even more ‘Googling’ revealed a picture of Mr. Osman, a girl who is labeled as his daughter, and the Mayor of the City of Columbus, Mike Coleman, together inside City Hall?

Apparently Ilhan Abukar Dahir is on the Mayor’s Youth Commission. Whatever that is . . . .

How nice. The same City Hall Administration involved in advocating for Abukar Arman when he was in hot water last year for being on the Franklin County Homeland Security Advisory Board — as a non-US citizen — is now appointing the daughter of his (Arman’s) business partner (Osman) as an advisor.

Isn’t coincidence so coincidental? Isn’t it nice to know that fellows advocating for the implementation of Shari’a law in Somalia and running several taxpayer funded pseudo-madrassas have access and influence in City Hall?

I wonder if the same guys advocate for Shari’a here in the US? If not, I would be curious why not?

So, in closing. Thank you, Mr. Arman for your tremendous insights into how America’s adversaries are blending old school protests, never changing politics, and new age information warfare (from internet propaganda to using taxpayer dollars to fund potentially subversive charter schools) to further the cause of the stealth jihad. It always sounds more believable when it comes from folks “in the know”.

Your friends at COAT.

Update: Thanks to google 2001, the special edition that Google is allowing access to for the month of October, COAT was able to recover this ISRAACA document from 2002 that lists--surprisingly (tic) Abdinur Mohamud as a key player in the ISRAACA organization along with Mr. Arman and Mr. Osman aka (Balle) (see #4 and #42) respectively.